Nuovo Natural Standard Latex Pillow Neck Pain and Fatigue Relief


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Natural Standard Latex Pillow Neck Pain and Fatigue Relief


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                  Color: Beige
                  Filling: Latex
                  Use: Bedding
                  Size: 60*40*7cm / 23.6*15.7*2.8" (Please note that this is a thin pillow)


                  ● This latex pillow will contour to your head and neck to help keep your spine properly aligned and relieve muscle tension.
                  ● This pillow features a ventilated solid latex core, providing resilient support to regulate the unique contours of your head and neckc.
                  ● Antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and breathable — not being treated with chemicals,makes it ideal for people apt to asthma, allergies or other environmental sensitivities
                  ● Designed to adjust skin temperature and roll back allergens and bacteria, this organic pillow will support your head and neck and keep you restful throughout the night
                  Ergonomic Design
                  -High elasticity, soft and comfortable, perfect support your neck. Ergonomic Contour design conforms to the curves of head, neck and shoulder,let your sleep more relaxed.
                  –The inner structure of the small hole, with good air permeability, rapidly distributing the heat generated by the human body, and maintaining the air circulation, like a natural air conditioning system
                  –Nature latex pillow with hight elasticity help to improve sleep. The pillow also help to anti mite, reduce snoring, reduce static and let you sleep well.

                  Package Included:
                  1 x Nature Latex Pillow