Nuovo 12V Cordless Drill Set Lithium Rechargeable Electric Impact Hand Drill Chuck + 8 Drill Bits+Battery


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12V Cordless Drill Set Lithium Rechargeable Electric Impact Hand Drill Chuck + 8 Drill Bits+Battery


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                  Type: Hand Drill
                  No-load speed: 1350 (rpm)
                  Power type: rechargeable – lithium battery technology
                  Power supply voltage: 12V
                  Rated output power: 80 (W)
                  Rated torque: 32 (n * m)
                  Electric drill structure: pistol
                  Whether the electric drill can be adjusted: stepless speed regulation
                  Bit clamping method: drill chuck
                  Handle structure: rear straight handle
                  Dimensions: 20×19 (cm)
                  Scope of application: home decoration engineering
                  Collet diameter: 10 (mm)
                  Drill diameter: 10 (mm)
                  Rated speed: 550-1350 (rpm)
                  Drilling capacity – wood: 10 (mm)
                  Drilling capacity – aluminum: 10 (mm)
                  Drilling capacity – steel: 10 (mm)
                  Input power: 80W
                  Chuck size: 10MM
                  1.Pure copper motor, powerful, long-lasting battery life.
                  2.High-strength bearings, bearing linkage, concentric and accurate.
                  3.Smart chuck, high-strength material, compatible and stable.
                  4.A variety of gear adjustments, easy to work.
                  5.Infinitely variable speed, intelligent control, emergency brake function.
                  6.LED lighting, work at night without worry.
                  Lithium drill tips:
                  1. Check before use: Before using the hand drill, turn on the switch for 0.5~1 second after power-on. Check whether the transmission part is flexible, whether there is abnormal noise, whether the screw is loose, and whether the commutator spark is normal.
                  2. The control method should be correct: hold the hands with the electric drill and hold the hands tightly. Try not to operate with one hand.
                  3. The drill bit is selected correctly: the drill bit of the hand drill cannot use the notched drill bit, and the force of pressing down when drilling is not too large to prevent the drill bit from being broken.
                  4. The drilling force should be moderate: when the hand drill is drilling the object, the strength of the drilling should not be too large, and the force should not be used to prevent the bit or the wire from flying and hurting.

                  Package included:
                  1 x Drill host
                  1 x Lithium battery
                  1 x Universal soft pumping
                  1 x 5-13mm Sleeve
                  1 x Charger
                  1 x Manual
                  8 x Electric drill bit
                  8 x Screw